I am imagination.I can see what eyes can not see.I can hear what ears can not hear.I can feel what the heart can not feel.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

L♥ve bites

Dear ♥
Just seeing your smiling face or hearing you heart-melting voice just brightens up my worst days and makes them so much better
[no more ,honey` stuff]. Can`t wait for tonight.It will be the best Valentine`s day ever. See you,
Love always,

I wonder what to do,ring the dorbell or knock at the door?I think it is better to ring the doorbell.[ring the dorbell.waiting]...
Maybe he didn`t hear it,I think I`d better knock...[knock]...If I get no answer again,I`ll leave and come again after a while,maby he`s not home.But I hear some sounds inside.
I think I`d better leave the letter in front of the door and when he gets outside he`ll find it.But what if someone else takes the letter?That`s not a good plan!
This letter is very important,for me,for him.I have no idea,please God give me an inspiration.I have to think well,very well...
Yes,I know what I have to do.I can give the letter to a neighbour and they`ll give it to him.I`m so smart.I wonder why I hadn`t this idea from the very beginning!But the letter is too important and that`s why I have to give it only to him,and no one else.
Why doesn`t he answer?
He can`t be afraid of me becuase I`m the one who loves him....he has no reason to let me wait here.He`s at home because I can hear steps and voices inside and he has no reason for what he wouldn`t answer,would he?I would never hurt him,he has no enemy to be afraid of,there`s no sniper waiting on the roof for the moment he gets outside to shoot him.
What should I do?
Maybe if I punch and kick the door he`ll come out.All I have to do is punch and kick the door.He`ll get outside because he doesn`t want me to distroy the door.I`ll give him the letter,I`ll say ,See you tonight.I love you` and he`ll say ,I love you too and thank you` and I`ll go home.It`s not hard,it`s easy,punch and kick.
It`s not such a good idea to punch it because I`ll get my hand hurt and I definitely don`t want that.I`ll just kick the door.All I`ve got to do now is kick the door,that`s not a big deal.But if someone sees me kicking the door will say I`m crazy and,I`m not crazy.
If he doesn`t want it,it means he doesn`t want me.That`s it.How could I be so stupid and wait here for so much time for someone who just dumped me on Valentine`s Day?I will leave now.
And I officialy HATE this year`s Valentine`s day!


Julls said...

Foarte tare postu ! Da' puteai spune de la inceput I hate valentine's days,asa m-as fi recunoscut si eu in tipa :))