I am imagination.I can see what eyes can not see.I can hear what ears can not hear.I can feel what the heart can not feel.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I know I haven`t posted for a long,looong time and I`m just about to tell you why.
I`ve been busy with all the contests,festivals and shows.

International Dancing Contest in Arad
3 days of dancing,excitement and of course,a lot of fun.I just can`t describe the feeling,you have to experience it yourself to understand (and this is for the people that think dancing is just fooling around.well.It`s NOT).
Domino ♥

...guess what?We won the first place altough the competition was tough.So happy.So proud.So love the team and my teacher!

International Drama Festival
I acted in 2 plays,and both were very successful. I love acting.It`s so much more real than life.

Children`s Palace.Remember.♥

...a story about some homeless people that fight for a shelter while dancing.one of them is apreciated by two coreographers and offer her a chance to an audition.One of the coreographers falls in love with her but because of his rude behaviour,the girl decides to go back to the streets,where she belongs.
Awards:Best Coreography.Best Acting Team

"Avram Iancu" High School.The Tragi-comic Story of Pyramus and Thisbe.

...a part of Shakespeare`s Midsummer Night`s Dream.I suppose it needs no other description.
Awards:Most Popular Show.2nd Prize for Best Actress

And my contest schedule doesn`t end here.I`ve got more to go so...wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Silly thoughts

S-a dus.

Fericirea de-a fi iubit."

Stau in pat,ochelarii pe nas(mioapa de mine),limonada alaturi,lumina slab aprinsa,Romeo si Julieta in mana.Citesc aceeasi replica de o mie de ori...stau...ma gandesc si o mai citesc o data.Multa dragoste,prea multe declaratii,mult prea multe scene siropoase.Si pana la urma,au murit unul pentru celalalt.Awwwwww.Cum ar fi sa fiu eu, Julieta la balcon si EL,Romeo in gradina intepat de ganganii si urzici:
"Romeo!De ce esti tu Romeo?"
"Aripile iubirii ma-naltara.Nu-i zid sa poata stanjeni iubirea!"
Si m-am blocat.Iar mi-a alunecat gandul la adevaratul Romeo.Si iar pierd 5 minute gandindu-ma ce face?cum e imbracat?daca se gandeste la mine?Evident,raspunsul este negativ.Gata.Ma ridic din pat si imi indop urechile cu melodia preferata data la maxim in micutul mp4.Ma gandesc la el si simt ca va fi o noapte lunga...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

There THEY go again...

Hypnotized,so mesmerized.
By HIM of course.
(that`s how all love stories begin.SHE is totally crazy about HIM)

I love YOU.
(HE says to her while floating on a love cloud)

Let`s fight for this love.
Because,two is definately better than one.
(after months and months...THEY still try to make it work)

You don't need me at all,do you?
(SHE is disapointed.HE is uninterested.so they go on separate ways)

He isn't coming back anymore.
(SHE is sitting alone.in a boring room.thinking of what used to be)

(months pass.they meet on the street)

HE:Oh my...I can`t believe it...you look amazing.
SHE:O thanks...you haven`t changed a bit!

(and SHE walks away just like HE walked away from her once.HE now realises what he threw away.SHE looks back.)

and there THEY go again...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Confession of a choko-hollic

It all began 11 years ago,when my mouth first met sweet,creamy,delicious chocolate.Since then,I love chocolate-always have,always will.It doesn't matter how I eat the darn stuff, I just like it.
I love Chocolate Pies, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Fudge,Chocolate Pudding or just about any other way you can think of to use Chocolate.
And which is the best thing about it?Never getting fat+dozen of energy.It`s like I would be living on tofu ,only 10000 times better.
No more chit-chat,let`s get choko maniacs.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Animal ♥

This video goes straight to every animal lover`s heart.

Monday, March 1, 2010

1 Martie=Primavara

A sosit primavara, si o data cu ea soseste si viata.In sfarsit.Gata cu cizmele blanoase si gecile groase,gata cu ingheatatul nasului daca iesi din casa,cu Mos Craciun malefic care iti invadeaza casa si iti lasa sub brad tone de pijamale roz ,desi detesti rozul, printre mii de alte cadouri,alte funde si ambalaje,zilele de Craciun plictisitoare in care te indopi cu mancare si prajituri ca un porc.
Cum spuneam,a venit primavara!!!Soare stralucitor,pasarele ciripind,buburuze,flori...flooooooori=polen=o alergie minunata.........
In concluzie?Sunt o obsedata incurabila de primavara/vara si de tot ce ne ofera.
Si cum azi e 1 Martie:

  1. La Multi Ani!
  2. Multumesc colegilor/prietenilor care au fost atat de draguti si mi-au adus martisoare desi in ziua de azi,multora nu le pasa!
  3. O primavara faina!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Off track?#2

There is no need for you to perceive the world in such a sad way.When we wake up in the morning,an existential question usually pops into our heads:"Should I skip school today?"Obviously,the ones who answer with:"I shouldn`t." are too few,so they don`t count...If the world was so easy to deal with...but it`s not.

Think of the many questions inside our heads.Questions that are supposed to give immediate answers,not to bring up even more shuffled question marks.

How much time do you usually spend in front of the mirror in the morning,until you decide what to wear that day?
How often do you think of your being invisible?
How often do you get drunk?
How often do you feel like something`s missing from your life?
How often do you change your mood?
How often do you feel you`re loosing your mind?

It is perfectly normal for each one of us to miss the essence of what we do every day and if we do this,isn`t it a little bit odd to miss the deeper issues as well?Time is what consumes us,time is what borders our birth and our death,but what is beyond,not even the universe itself knows.
Anyway.Fears are fears.Losses are losses.Needs are needs.And time is the greatest dilemma of life.But since we cannot solve it because the only solution is time itself,we all become refugees....and our shelter is....inside...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Importantele nimicuri

E normal ca noi sa credem ca lucrurile importante care ne pot aduce fericirea,sunt bijuteriile scumpe,hainele de firma si un prieten fotomodel?Dar cum ramane cu cele marunte?Cum ar fi un zambet si un simplu ,,Te iubesc``?Lucruri atat de mici pe care nici nu le constientizam.Si totusi,cand ajungi in starea vegetativa de planta in care ma aflu acum,incepi sa te gandesti:,,cine sunt?ce vreau eu cu adevarat?cine e Fat-Frumosul meu?ce ma face pe mine,cu adevarat fericita?``
Si imi amintesc de lucrurile care imi plac:

  1. sa dansez.sa joc teatru.
  2. limonada.ciocolata.jeleuri.McDonald`s.
  3. vara.calatoriile.plimbarile.
  4. sa rad.sa ma prostesc cu prietenii
  5. sa ma uit la un film bun.
  6. imbratisari de urs.
  7. sa imi stea bine paru.
  8. sa ascult muzica pe mp4 cand merg pe strada.sa imi dau seama ca era cat pe ce sa ma calce autobuzul,insa scap de fiecare data.
  9. sa fac de mancare.
  10. hainele noi.tenisi murdari.

Acestea sunt putinele nimicurile care ma fac fericita zi de zi.
Dar tu?Pe tine ce te face cu adevarat fericit?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

L♥ve bites

Dear ♥
Just seeing your smiling face or hearing you heart-melting voice just brightens up my worst days and makes them so much better
[no more ,honey` stuff]. Can`t wait for tonight.It will be the best Valentine`s day ever. See you,
Love always,

I wonder what to do,ring the dorbell or knock at the door?I think it is better to ring the doorbell.[ring the dorbell.waiting]...
Maybe he didn`t hear it,I think I`d better knock...[knock]...If I get no answer again,I`ll leave and come again after a while,maby he`s not home.But I hear some sounds inside.
I think I`d better leave the letter in front of the door and when he gets outside he`ll find it.But what if someone else takes the letter?That`s not a good plan!
This letter is very important,for me,for him.I have no idea,please God give me an inspiration.I have to think well,very well...
Yes,I know what I have to do.I can give the letter to a neighbour and they`ll give it to him.I`m so smart.I wonder why I hadn`t this idea from the very beginning!But the letter is too important and that`s why I have to give it only to him,and no one else.
Why doesn`t he answer?
He can`t be afraid of me becuase I`m the one who loves him....he has no reason to let me wait here.He`s at home because I can hear steps and voices inside and he has no reason for what he wouldn`t answer,would he?I would never hurt him,he has no enemy to be afraid of,there`s no sniper waiting on the roof for the moment he gets outside to shoot him.
What should I do?
Maybe if I punch and kick the door he`ll come out.All I have to do is punch and kick the door.He`ll get outside because he doesn`t want me to distroy the door.I`ll give him the letter,I`ll say ,See you tonight.I love you` and he`ll say ,I love you too and thank you` and I`ll go home.It`s not hard,it`s easy,punch and kick.
It`s not such a good idea to punch it because I`ll get my hand hurt and I definitely don`t want that.I`ll just kick the door.All I`ve got to do now is kick the door,that`s not a big deal.But if someone sees me kicking the door will say I`m crazy and,I`m not crazy.
If he doesn`t want it,it means he doesn`t want me.That`s it.How could I be so stupid and wait here for so much time for someone who just dumped me on Valentine`s Day?I will leave now.
And I officialy HATE this year`s Valentine`s day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

When in London

Tic toc tic toc.4:00.
"Mom.Dad.STOP kissing me,will you?It will be ok!"

Departures:Budapest-London 12:15 British Airways.
One major problem on the plane:
!Egg sandwiches are THE WORST!

I spent my first days in Norwich.I really liked those typical british houses with big windows and red bricks-just like in movies.
After getting back to London, I travelled from Hammersmith to Tower Hill.A super-mega-giant hotel with a McDonald`s next to it[a Mc`Nuggets menu at 22:00 was a MUST]
London is a town where you can find anything,everywhere.Those big shops were so amazing.Love it!

Buckingam Palace was the next stop.No need for describing this one!

The National Gallery.
Here`s my top 3:
Whistlejacket by Stubbs
The Entombment by Michelangelo
The Burlington House Cartoon by Leonardo da Vinci

By the way,did I specify that I saw more cute boys in London in one day than in Romania in one year?Well,that`s the truth,no offense.
Last day:Shopping.Photos.Walking here and there.London Eye.

aaaannnddd....London at night

The last view upon London from the plane.I`ll go back one day.I will!
,,Welkome Romania.Goodbye England.``

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Off track?#1

Problems,problems, and the most important,problems again.I am a normal teenager,and people usually have problems in school when they are my age,they hate their teachers,they have love affarirs with their classmates and so on.
And what do I do?
I face major problems at school.My life is practically about school,in my school,for my school,and...which is my reward?-here is my reward:a teacher with a drinking problem,a classmate with behaviour disturbances,a headmistress who looks like Angelina Jolie in another life,a total lunatic who thinks she can solve all the problems in the Universe.The last but not the least,a boyfriend who acts like the President of the United States of America.That`s about it!
We`re all losing it,right?Or,it`s only me who`s losing it?Neee,it can`t be!
And my dillema is:what if I have one of these ,,hobbies"?This problem is so disturbing,that I even dream of it during the night.And under these circumstances,it is perfectly normal for me to wake up in the middle of the night wearing only my underpants after going to bed with my pants on.I mean,I`m wrestling with my life every day.Why can`t I have any dreams with Robert Pattinson,for example,like most people do?
Back on track now!
As I was saying,problems over problems and dilemmas over dilemmas.By dilemmas I mean mostly the situations in which i push myself to talk to them,but I don`t know what to tell them,because whatever I say,I am the one who gets out of the conversation with my reputation all ruined.

In conclusion,I must be a problem among problems.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ready?Get set.Go!

[ok.here I go]

The Earth stood still on a sunny day in June,more precisely,25.06.1994.That`s the day when Suciu Cristina was born.
A curly redheaded teenager,who is struggling to discover all dilemmas of life.
Passions:dancing and acting.music and travelling.

A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. ~Donna Roberts~
You are the ones that make my life brighter.You put a smile on my face every day.
For all the minutes we spent and will spend together,I just want to thank you.