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Friday, February 5, 2010

When in London

Tic toc tic toc.4:00.
"Mom.Dad.STOP kissing me,will you?It will be ok!"

Departures:Budapest-London 12:15 British Airways.
One major problem on the plane:
!Egg sandwiches are THE WORST!

I spent my first days in Norwich.I really liked those typical british houses with big windows and red bricks-just like in movies.
After getting back to London, I travelled from Hammersmith to Tower Hill.A super-mega-giant hotel with a McDonald`s next to it[a Mc`Nuggets menu at 22:00 was a MUST]
London is a town where you can find anything,everywhere.Those big shops were so amazing.Love it!

Buckingam Palace was the next stop.No need for describing this one!

The National Gallery.
Here`s my top 3:
Whistlejacket by Stubbs
The Entombment by Michelangelo
The Burlington House Cartoon by Leonardo da Vinci

By the way,did I specify that I saw more cute boys in London in one day than in Romania in one year?Well,that`s the truth,no offense.
Last day:Shopping.Photos.Walking here and there.London Eye.

aaaannnddd....London at night

The last view upon London from the plane.I`ll go back one day.I will!
,,Welkome Romania.Goodbye England.``