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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Off track?#1

Problems,problems, and the most important,problems again.I am a normal teenager,and people usually have problems in school when they are my age,they hate their teachers,they have love affarirs with their classmates and so on.
And what do I do?
I face major problems at school.My life is practically about school,in my school,for my school,and...which is my reward?-here is my reward:a teacher with a drinking problem,a classmate with behaviour disturbances,a headmistress who looks like Angelina Jolie in another life,a total lunatic who thinks she can solve all the problems in the Universe.The last but not the least,a boyfriend who acts like the President of the United States of America.That`s about it!
We`re all losing it,right?Or,it`s only me who`s losing it?Neee,it can`t be!
And my dillema is:what if I have one of these ,,hobbies"?This problem is so disturbing,that I even dream of it during the night.And under these circumstances,it is perfectly normal for me to wake up in the middle of the night wearing only my underpants after going to bed with my pants on.I mean,I`m wrestling with my life every day.Why can`t I have any dreams with Robert Pattinson,for example,like most people do?
Back on track now!
As I was saying,problems over problems and dilemmas over dilemmas.By dilemmas I mean mostly the situations in which i push myself to talk to them,but I don`t know what to tell them,because whatever I say,I am the one who gets out of the conversation with my reputation all ruined.

In conclusion,I must be a problem among problems.


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