I am imagination.I can see what eyes can not see.I can hear what ears can not hear.I can feel what the heart can not feel.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I know I haven`t posted for a long,looong time and I`m just about to tell you why.
I`ve been busy with all the contests,festivals and shows.

International Dancing Contest in Arad
3 days of dancing,excitement and of course,a lot of fun.I just can`t describe the feeling,you have to experience it yourself to understand (and this is for the people that think dancing is just fooling around.well.It`s NOT).
Domino ♥

...guess what?We won the first place altough the competition was tough.So happy.So proud.So love the team and my teacher!

International Drama Festival
I acted in 2 plays,and both were very successful. I love acting.It`s so much more real than life.

Children`s Palace.Remember.♥

...a story about some homeless people that fight for a shelter while dancing.one of them is apreciated by two coreographers and offer her a chance to an audition.One of the coreographers falls in love with her but because of his rude behaviour,the girl decides to go back to the streets,where she belongs.
Awards:Best Coreography.Best Acting Team

"Avram Iancu" High School.The Tragi-comic Story of Pyramus and Thisbe.

...a part of Shakespeare`s Midsummer Night`s Dream.I suppose it needs no other description.
Awards:Most Popular Show.2nd Prize for Best Actress

And my contest schedule doesn`t end here.I`ve got more to go so...wish me luck.