I am imagination.I can see what eyes can not see.I can hear what ears can not hear.I can feel what the heart can not feel.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

There THEY go again...

Hypnotized,so mesmerized.
By HIM of course.
(that`s how all love stories begin.SHE is totally crazy about HIM)

I love YOU.
(HE says to her while floating on a love cloud)

Let`s fight for this love.
Because,two is definately better than one.
(after months and months...THEY still try to make it work)

You don't need me at all,do you?
(SHE is disapointed.HE is uninterested.so they go on separate ways)

He isn't coming back anymore.
(SHE is sitting alone.in a boring room.thinking of what used to be)

(months pass.they meet on the street)

HE:Oh my...I can`t believe it...you look amazing.
SHE:O thanks...you haven`t changed a bit!

(and SHE walks away just like HE walked away from her once.HE now realises what he threw away.SHE looks back.)

and there THEY go again...